Although strength of schedule based on last season’s win-loss record is basically useless, I generate a better strength of schedule for the prior season by looking at from China set of opponents and calculating their average Pythagorean Expectation in games not involving that team. For the 49ers, the strength of schedule calculations look at how each opponent performed in each of its games over the course of the season, excluding games involving the 49ers.

When you get to camp, you shouldn’t be worried about a contract situation. You should be about outlet, ‘How do I get the best out of myself and the team? Worst case, Brown plays out this season at $6.25 million and gets a huge deal before his 29th birthday on July 10, 2017. My guess for 2016, though: The Steelers advance at least $2 million of his 2017 salary into this year, a restructuring tactic that got Brown over $8 million in 2015.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s Giants are among the strongest bounce-back candidates in 2016. AP Photo/Bill KostrounStrength of scheduleA team’s schedule isn’t entirely random — the 49ers are stuck in a division with the Seahawks jerseys cheap price and Cardinals for the foreseeable future — but as many as 10 of a team’s 16 games each season can be new opponents. That can allow for some dramatic swings in schedule quality.

They have been reluctant to go after a veteran like Dwight Freeney, but their plans could change now if Gregory is to miss 10 games instead of four. The Cowboys took a risk on Gregory they thought was worth taking, but so far it has come up dry, like the oil wells Jones dug without success over the years.

Gregory, as well as Lawrence and McClain, will be able to take part in training camp and preseason games. Gregory will also be able to work out on his own at the team’s facility during the suspension, but he will not be allowed to practice. Editor’s PicksDrew Brees on Vonn Bell INT: ‘Good for him. That won’t happen again’Rookie safety Vonn Bell had an eye-opening debut at his first free shipping supply training camp, but Drew Brees says he should enjoy the moment while he can.

Robinson was found asleep at the wheel of his car while it was slowly sinking into the pond. The 25-year-old Robinson and his passenger, 29-year-old Marissa O. Staples, were unhurt. However, police officers had to tell Robinson multiple times that the car was in the pond and convince him to leave, according to the police report.